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      1. Shouguang Syntech Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
        Home >>About US

        Our Commitments

               We pursue these commitments under our commitment to open and honest communications and dialogue with our employees, customers and government. We provide insights into everything from our workplace safety record and emissions of reportable chemicals to our government and the efforts we make to assure that our employees, distributors and customers can safely handle, use, recycle and dispose of our products. We promise to create value to our customers, employees, shareholders and our society.

        Commitment to Excellence in Environment, Health, Safety and Security

               Under syntech's Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHS) initiative, we strive to act in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.  This commitment is aimed at achieving Zero employee and contractor work-related injuries and illnesses;  Zero product distribution incidents;  Zero manufacturing process safety incidents;  and Zero environmental incidents.

        Our employees are committed to the creation of sustainable value, protection of the environment, and the health & safety of our employees.


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